Block 1.
Fundamentals of atmospheric processes & modelling
Block 2.
Surface and atmospheric boundary layer processes
Block 3.
Atmospheric chemical transport modelling
Block 4.
Aerosol physico-chemistry and modelling
Block 5.
Evaluation and application



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Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
08.30-09.15 L5. PBL and dispersion (C. Borrego) L9. Introduction to ACTM (A. Miranda) L13. Aerosol particles properties (Y. Zhang) L17. Chemical data assimilation (D. Brunner) Students oral presentations (I)
09.20-10.05 L6. Removal processes (M. Cerqueira) L10. Atmos. gas-phase chemistry (C. Pio) L14. Aerosol chemistry and microphysics (Y. Zhang) L18. Model eval. and verification (H. Schluenzen) Students oral presentations (II)
10.05-10.25 coffee break coffee break coffee break coffee break coffee break
10.25-11.10 L7. Physiografic info (A. Mahura) L11. Liquid-phase chemistry (D. Brunner) L15. Aerosol and cloud interaction (A. Baklanov) Exercises Students oral presentations (III)
11.15-12.00 L8. Met. dependent emissions (H. Schluenzen) L12. Implem. of chemistry in ACTM (D. Brunner) L16. Radiation feedbacks of aerosols (K. Nielsen) Awarding Ceremony + Official closure
13.30-14.15 Registration Exercises Exercises Exercises Exercises Free afternoon
14.15-14.45 Welcome and information
14.50-15.35 L1. Introd. integrated modelling (A. Baklanov)
15.40-16.25 L2. Int. atmosp. modeling and NWP (A. Rocha)
16.25-16.45 coffee break
16.45-17.30 L3. Numerical schemes (E. Kaas)
17.35-18.20 L4. Specific chall. (L. Rontu)
19.00 Ice Breaking Party   Aveiro excursion and dinner Sunset at the beach  

- the programme presented might be subjected to minor changes -